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Hello all....... I have had a vision to create a site that could provide information within the indy circut, for my fellow workers. Below, are a few links for you to check out, one site provides you with wrestlers and their  information, the other link provides information of various promoters that are intersted in new talent.
       Attention, if you are interested in having your information on my site you will need to e-mail me and I will post your information.  For security reasons, wrestlers personal information will not be posted in the wrestlers for hire page, however their picture and stats will be. If you would like their personal information, however, you may contact me directly through my e-mail ( ), and I will determine if you need it. This is strictly for the protection of these contacts.
              Attention, there may not be many entries yet, but this site is new, and I am adding them daily. Please check back periodically, as there are more and more interested entries coming in every day. We are a family, and need to help each other out as much as we can in our path's toward our goals. This is my way of helping out............................. Thank You "The Texas Legacy" Austin Rhodes

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