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* * "The Texas Legacy" * * Austin Rhodes
**Outlaw's Stats**
**Outlaw's Stats**
**Who Is Austin Rhodes?**
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**"Public Notice"**

Here's where you'll find out all you ever wanted to know about                         "The Texas Legacy"

Hometown : Spring Branch, TX.
Height : 6' 5-1/2"
Weight : 270 lbs.
Age : 30 (born 6/30/73)
Years Pro : 13 (as of 11/04')
Style : Technical / Brawler
"Trained" by : "Tugboat" Taylor
"Polished" By : "Grizzly" Smith
Experience : Wrestler, Actor, Promoter, Booker, Writer (angles), Manager, etc....
Family History : "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (uncle), "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes = a.k.a. Goldust (cousin), Jerry Saggonovich = a.k.a. "Saggs" of "The Nasty Boys" (by marriage only), Fred Ottman = a.k.a. "Tugboat / Typhoon" of "The Natural Disasters" (by marriage only)

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